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Custom Bed Buying Tips

It is always a challenge to buy a new bed. Most pre-made beds won’t adapt to your specific needs like size, material, color, and space. This is the reason why a custom bed can save you the hassle. When you are hunting for a new bed, you need to keep in mind many details. Even for a custom bed.

let us help you with the final decision. First of all, take pictures of the room. Your new custom bed will look its best if chosen with the room in mind. Additionally, make sure to bring the room measurements with you. All this will help you choose the best type, color, texture, and frame for your custom made bed.

So, let’s discuss this step by step. You need to know the bed types and their dimensions.

Bed Types

Hence, the type of custom bed is the first thing to think about:

  • Twin (39”x75”) – Which is commonly known as Single. It would most likely accommodate a child or an adult, in a tight area of the house.
  • Twin XL (39”x80”) – Can cater taller adults, but it is still small so you can position it around the house for any needs.
  • Full (54”x75”) – Also called Double, it is perfect for a guest room or two snuggling lovebirds.
  • Queen (60”x80”) – It is the most popular sold size for two adults. Perfect for those who need to save space in a smaller room.
  • King (76”x80”) – It is a wider version of the Queen size, allowing a more comfortable sleep. This size is perfect for bigger rooms.

Bed Frames

So, the next important thing to check for is the frame material for your custom bed. This is where the pictures of the room will come in handy. The frame of your custom bed should fit in with the rest of the decoration in that room. The generic options are Metal, Wood or Rattan.


Most of all, this decision will also impact the choice of a headboard. It is extremely important depending on the needs of your room and custom bed:

  • Upholstered: it gives a soft, and elegant touch.
  • Storage/Bookcase: Mostly for kids rooms, to save space and utilise it at its best.
  • Wall Mounted: it can be of a different style than the frame and add a different touch to the room.

Bed Design

Last but not least, the location in the house is the key to choosing the color and texture of the fabric for your custom made bed. Most kid rooms will have plain strong colors. Teenagers might prefer pastel colors or themed patterns. Adults will want elegant rooms. They will go for matt soft colors such as grey, brown, white, gold, or black with Victorian patterns.

Whether it is for a guest or for yourself, a custom bed is a perfect option for your space. It will help you save time and money in the process, and it will fit just right in!


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