Custom Furniture by Diva Rocker Glam

Who we are.

Diva Rocker Glam was first established in 2009 by the vivacious Cindy Rocker. Later, Cindy Rocker went on to open a showroom in the summer of 2011. DRG showroom offers unique, custom furniture and designer furniture. Since then, DRG’s ultra-glamorous furniture has been in high demand all over the country. Cindy Rocker provided high-end, custom furniture and interior design for many celebrities. Cindy’s designs define sophisticated-meets-rockstar and are the perfect way to glam up any house.

What we do.

Diva Rocker Glam is your perfect choice when you are looking for unique, luxury, custom furniture. DRG can create a design of your dream for your house or apartment. DRG design team can make any piece of custom furniture for you, embodying your very own ideas. Our custom beds and sofas, tables and chairs, as well as home décor, can be seen in the houses of many Hollywood celebrities. For our designer beds, chairs and sofas we use the best quality materials and wood that will serve you long and well. Our designer team can make any furniture fantasies come true. That is how we have gained our reputation of one of the most luxurious furniture salons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in general.

How we do.

In addition, at Diva Rocker Glam you can choose any material of any color for your glamorous custom furniture. So, your perfect sofa can look modern or have the baroque chic to it, and you can choose any kind of upholstery for it. Or we can create a beautiful bed you will see your sweetest dreams sleeping in. We can use any kind of wood for any custom furniture, starting with solid pine or alder and ending with almond. Our professional designers will make stylish custom furniture that will be a perfect fit for your interior. Yes! DRG can custom build the furniture to your liking.

Let us help.

Hence, let Diva Rocker Glam help you create the exact glamorous design you see in your fantasies. We have helped thousands of reputable clients fill their houses with amazing custom furniture worthy of the highest level celebrity. Our designer team is happy to help every client, and each of our clients can feel like a rock star or diva while getting luxury, custom furniture at Diva Rocker Glam.

We are known among those who prefer glamorous lifestyle and always ask for the best.

custom furniture

custom furniture

custom furntiure

Custom Furniture

Luxurious Custom Furniture

Luxury Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture in Los Angeles

Custom Furniture